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Technical Presentations

29 June 2013

Role of Judiciary in Aviation Safety
By Wg. Cdr. (Retd) Naseem Ahmed, President SASA-Pakistn

27 June 2013 The Basic of Explosion Protection for Electrical Apparatus & Installation
By Engr. Asif Mirza, Technical Manager, Clipsil Schneider Pakistan Pvt Ltd
26-May-2013 Components of Circular Debt and Possible Solutions
By Mr. S. Muhammad Ali
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31-July-11 Sprawl, Housing need and Land Garbbing in Karachi with same case Example
By Dr. Noman Ahmed Professor and Chairman Department of Architecture and Planning NED University
31-Mar-2013 The Think Tank Committee invited the NUST-PNEC Teams
By Engr. Nooruddin Ahmed
30-Jan-2013 Energy Situation in Pakistan
By Engr. Syed Hassan Nawab
29-Oct-2013 Advanced Electronics Manufacturing
By Engr. Ishrat Hasan
  Sea Wave Energy Developed by M/s. SDE (Pvt.) Ltd.

  Air Transport in 21st Century
By Muhammad Arshed Jalil
10 May, 2011 Economical Green Building Solutions
By Arch. Adil Kerai, Partner, Habib Fida Ali
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4-May-2011 Port Management and Introduction
By Lt. Cdr. Adil Rashid PN
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10-May-2011 Deep Water Geomorphology and Sequence Stratigraphy and Exploration implications for Pakistan Offshore
By Dr. Bilal U Haq, Director Marine Geosciences, National Science Foundation, Washington
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  The hope for Pakistan's Future
By Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand
09-July-2011 Oil and Gas Prospects of Pakistan in the backdrop of Current Enargy Senario""Sprawl, Housing needs and Land Garbbing in Karachi with some Case Examples
By Dr. Noman Ahmed
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